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17hats vs HoneyBook

17hats vs HoneyBook: A Comprehensive Comparison for Your Creative Business Needs

In the realm of business management solutions, HoneyBook and 17hats have emerged as two top contenders for creative professionals. This detailed comparison is designed to help you make an informed decision about which tool best suits your business needs.

Why Compare 17hats vs HoneyBook?

HoneyBook and 17hats are both designed with creative entrepreneurs in mind. They provide a range of features designed to streamline operations, automate tasks, and generally make life easier for busy creatives. However, these two platforms aren’t identical. Each has its own strengths and areas where it outshines the other, making it crucial for prospective users to understand the key differences.

Feature-by-Feature Comparison between 17hats vs HoneyBook

Client and Project Management

Both HoneyBook and 17hats offer robust client and project management capabilities. HoneyBook shines with its intuitive user interface, real-time project tracking, and the ability to manage all aspects of a project within one platform. On the other hand, 17hats does offer solid project management features but lacks the overall user-friendly nature and intuitive design of HoneyBook.

Invoicing and Payments

When it comes to invoicing and payments, both HoneyBook and 17hats allow you to create and send professional invoices, accept payments, and manage finances. However, HoneyBook supports more payment gateways, offers automated payment reminders, and includes a built-in bookkeeping feature, making it a more versatile solution.

Contracts and Proposals

Both platforms offer contract and proposal management, but HoneyBook stands out with its customizable, easy-to-use templates, and digital signing feature, making the entire process of sending, receiving, and signing contracts simpler and more streamlined.


HoneyBook shines in automation, offering a comprehensive suite of automation tools for a range of tasks, including emails, reminders, follow-ups, and scheduling. In contrast, while 17hats does provide automation features, they aren’t as extensive or easy to set up as HoneyBook’s.


When it comes to integrations, HoneyBook has a clear edge. It’s compatible with a host of popular apps including Google Calendar, QuickBooks, and Zoom, while 17hats has fewer integration options.

Customer Support

Both platforms offer excellent customer support. However, HoneyBook provides faster response times and offers a broader range of resources for user education, including webinars and tutorials.


Both HoneyBook and 17hats offer different pricing tiers to cater to different business sizes and needs. However, HoneyBook offers more value for money with its range of comprehensive features, user-friendly design, and superior customer support.

Ease of Setup

When it comes to setting up your business on the platform, HoneyBook is more straightforward and user-friendly. On the other hand, 17hats, while powerful, can have a steeper learning curve for newcomers.

User Interface

HoneyBook offers a more modern, clean, and intuitive user interface, making it easier for users to navigate and manage their tasks. In contrast, some users find 17hats’ interface to be less intuitive and more cluttered.

Calendar Synchronization

Both platforms allow you to synchronize your calendar, but HoneyBook supports more calendar systems and offers a more seamless synchronization process, which can save you valuable time.

Task Management

Both platforms offer task management features, but HoneyBook offers more advanced and flexible options, allowing you to easily prioritize, categorize, and schedule tasks, thus making your to-do list more organized.

Client Communication

While both platforms offer client communication tools, HoneyBook’s in-built messaging system provides a more centralized and efficient way to manage client communication.


HoneyBook offers more comprehensive customization options, allowing you to tailor your client interactions and branded materials to align with your business’s unique style.


Both platforms offer bookkeeping features, but HoneyBook’s financial tools are more advanced and offer a clearer overview of your business’s financial health.


HoneyBook offers more comprehensive and customizable workflows, enabling you to automate sequences of tasks that occur regularly in your business, saving you time and effort.

Online Scheduling

While both platforms offer online scheduling, HoneyBook’s scheduler is more advanced and user-friendly, allowing clients to easily book appointments based on your availability.

Mobile App

Both HoneyBook and 17hats offer mobile apps, but HoneyBook’s mobile app is more robust and allows you to manage your business on the go with more ease.

Why We Chose HoneyBook at ZibaTrail

At ZibaTrail, we chose HoneyBook for its comprehensive features, intuitive design, and stellar customer support. From client and project management to automation and invoicing, HoneyBook offers a streamlined solution for all our business needs. Additionally, the platform’s integration capabilities make it adaptable and convenient for a variety of workflows.

Final Thoughts

While both 17hats and Honeybook are robust platforms designed to support creative businesses, HoneyBook consistently comes out on top in key areas such as user experience, automation, and integration. Therefore, if you’re in the market for a comprehensive, user-friendly business management platform, we recommend HoneyBook.

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